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Janette Law-Brown

I grew up in the Eastern Cape.  Having the Addo National Park virtually on my doorstep, as well as visiting the farms of family and friends annually, instilled a deep appreciation of wild creatures and open spaces in me.  I completed my B.Sc. and B.Sc. Hons at the University of Port Elizabeth (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), and then continued on to do an M.Sc. at the University of Cape Town.  I have worked extensively on animal-microbial interactions, as well as identifying microbes for potential industrial application.  After working in industry for a number of years, I was fortunate to be able to return to the university environment where I am employed in a technical capacity.  Although not actively involved in research, I enjoy being able to facilitate the research of others, as well as being involved with the undergraduates at a practical level.


Law-Brown J. & Meyers P.R.; 2003; Enterococcus phoeniculicola sp. nov., a novel member of the enterococci isolated from the uropygial gland of the Red-billed Woodhoopoe, Phoeniculus purpureus; International Journal of Systematic & Evolutionary Microbiology:53 (3): 683 – 685